The Ghetto Apothecary is a black-owned, women-led, Hemp lifestyle company dedicated to empowering holistic healers with our offering of USDA Certified Organic CBD products that were cultivated and packaged in the US with your wellness in mind.

Our roots are centered firmly in our mission to de-stigmatize, dispense, and champion for the ritual use of Hemp as a modern-day approach to Self- Care and Mental Wealth.

Our plant-based collection offers an indulgent experience that we hope allows you a moment to pause, realign, and readjust.

Our launch collection features hemp flowers from Gray ADOS Family Century Farm in NC.

Dually impressive as their hand-raised and sustainably grown products is their impactful farm story. As former slaves, Charles and Jane Gray laid the foundations of farming, hard work, and strong family values. Jointly, they managed their farm and produced tobacco, fruits & vegetables - all while interconnecting the minority community. Today, the owner pays homage to the forefathers that came before them by vowing to continue a thriving and self-sustainable farm.


We are proud to dispense the offerings of Gray ADOS Family Century Farm.

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis